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Anni di esperienza e la continua innovazione tecnologica atta ad ottimizzare ogni fase della lavorazione hanno portato automaticamente a migliorare la qualità e ad ampliare la gamma dei prodotti.

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Production of micro investment casting alloys!

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Production of micro investment casting alloys!

NEW! Production of micro investment casting alloys, high quality costume jewellery and much more, while respecting your and our health as well as the environment. 

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On the base of our vast experience in metallurgy and specifically in copper alloys for mechanical and artistic applications, in 2010 we have patented some investment casting alloys for architectural details.
Our products have proven to be extremely suitable and innovative as to colour shades, casting behaviour and weldability.

After this experience, why not go further?. … And so we did!
After months of intensive work here are our micro investment casting alloys, from silver to gold, from yellow to red, at RIGOROUSLY NEUTRAL IMPACT on the HEALTH of THE FOUNDRY OPERATORS, THE USERS AND THE ENVIRONMENT.
We succeeded in eliminating harmful and carcinogenic elements as nickel, lead, beryllium, chromium, arsenic, phosphorus and, as far as possible, avoiding concentrations of zinc ,which, even if it is not harmful, it is a disturbing element due to the release of white oxide during casting.
The above features while maintaining the highest level of weldability, according to the alloy chemical/physical type.

Metal Sil Car alloys come in droplets or, at our discretion, in micro pieces in the shape of rectangular parallelepipeds measuring 6 (base) x 6 x 14 (height) +/- 2mm. obtained by chopped extrudate, polished and dried.

The micro piece solution, unlike the droplet one, ensures: homogeneity, compactness, low metal oxidation; also, due to the total absence of humidity inside the micro pieces, it prevents bursts in the crucible (the droplet solution on the contrary is obtained by wet processing, so that burst prevention cannot be 100% guaranteed).
We at Metal Sil-Car create and modify our alloys according to customer requirements (such as colours, shades, castability and weldability) and are also available to realize 3 kg-samplings of micro pieces, to be agreed with our technical department.
Metal Sil-Car would like to thank the customers and welcomes other parties that could be interested to seize the opportunity to test our new micro investment casting alloys at neutral impact.
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