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Anni di esperienza e la continua innovazione tecnologica atta ad ottimizzare ogni fase della lavorazione hanno portato automaticamente a migliorare la qualità e ad ampliare la gamma dei prodotti.

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Thanks to our great experience, Metal Sil-Car Refinery is able to produce both alloys in accordance with the international standards fixed by UNI, ASTM and DIN regulations, and alloys as per customer’s specifications. Moreover, Metal Sil-Car Refinery is able to satisfy any requirement about the packaging and the delivery of the product.
Below you will find a list of standard alloys that the company is able to provide:
Aluminium Bronze – High Aluminium content Ternary Alloys: dies for stainless steel draw  pressing.
Alloys  for the chemical, petrochemical, food, shipbuilding, mechanical, glass-making and artistic industries.
Binary Tin Bronze,produced in controlled atmosphere, for lost wax casting of statues and monuments (excellent weldability, ductility and color stability).
Tin Bronze : UNIEN 1982-2000
– CuSn5Zn5Pb5-B (CB491K)
– CuSn10-B (CB480K)
Innovative alloys for  their natural coloration and resistance to athmospheric agents(silver and gold) suitable for sand or lost wax casting of architectural objects,statues and monuments.
High strength manganese brass alloys
Binary/Ternary brass alloys.
Alloys with high temperature mechanical properties: SUPERSTONE
Alloys with high mechanical damping capacity: SONOSTONE –MCS/DUMP
Alloys for wetting/filling: BINDER ALLOYS
Copper and aluminium master alloys
Besides the lingots production, we also commercialise and acquire metal scrap and waste.