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Anni di esperienza e la continua innovazione tecnologica atta ad ottimizzare ogni fase della lavorazione hanno portato automaticamente a migliorare la qualità e ad ampliare la gamma dei prodotti.

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To clarify about our new alloys for casting !

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To clarify about our new alloys for casting !

The micro investment casting alloys introduced at Metal Sil Car are all copper-based, where copper also acts as bonding agent.
They are binary, ternary and quaternary alloys, added with alloying elements in low concentration to provide a number of chemical and physical properties.
The elements added to the matrix are: tin, silicon, manganese, aluminium and zinc. The alloying elements are: bismuth, phosphorus (concentration max. 1000/1500 PPM/KG).
– Metal Sil Car S.n.C. is not bound to disclose the analytical percentage of each single element listed above.
– Metal Sil Car S.n.C. may modify the chemical percentage of the elements listed above in order to improve the alloy chemical/physical features (to the customers satisfaction).
– Metal Sil Car S.n.C. will no add metallic elements different from the ones listed above (unless otherwise agreed with the customer).
– The following metallic elements are not used at Metal Sil Car S.n.C.: nickel, lead, beryllium, chromium and arsenic, which are considered toxic and detrimental to human health and environment.
– Metal Sil Car S.n.C. shall provide the customer with a SDS (Safety Data Sheet) reporting uses, hazards connected to health and environment, and the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). 
Metal Sil-Car would like to thank the customers and welcomes other parties that could be interested to seize the opportunity to test our new micro investment casting alloys at neutral impact.
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